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Welcome to our website!

This homepage is about our bloodline Dutchshepherds.


The type of workingdog we (want to) breed, is the type of Dutch Shepherd that is complete in character and structurally correct. So a mentally and physically fit workingdog suitable of working as a police(service)dog and ofcourse also in other dogsports, for example IPO, Mondio, French and Belgian ringsport

 Rocky doing civil work

The next pages are about our Dutch Shepherds: 5 generations of top quality working dogs with a lot of movies and pics.

See them work, take a look at the link pages and contact us when you´re interested to know more of our breedingprogramme.



 The first Dutch Shepherd which  I (Dick) had was Van Leeuwen´s Robbie. His characteristics, his drives and his character were a pleasant suprise to me. As well in training as later on as my working policedog.

This dog did his work well in every situation. He was confident, driven and was very self- assured. It was clear to me: this is MY type of working policedog.

Robbie had all the characteristics that we are looking for in a good working policedog. He was very courageous, independent and had a very tough character. A hard dog, and not one that was suitable for a first time handler, because of his lightly flammable character.

Robbie had a hard, destroying full bite. As well as on the suit as in police practice. He was tested many times in policepractice with bites and searching suspects. In riots and risky arrests he proved to be a great policedog.

Besides being a working policedog, he was also a great sportsdog in the KNPV program.

I(Dick) wanted to breed this type of workingdog, especially suitable as working policedog with out Van Leeuwen's Robbie as founding father of our lines. The breeding goal was to pass on all of his special characteristics to our own bloodline.

Robbie has bred several times and produced, as I was hoping for, progeny with his strong character. Examples of this progeny are:

Van Leeuwen`s Rocky, Van Leeuwen`s Taran and Von Christels Atos (founding father of Dutch shepherds in the US, imported by Rik Wolterbeek and Dianne San Lorenzo (Von Christels kennel)).

Taran in training for the national championships of working policedogs

Taran and Rocky became working policedogs in the police region were I (Dick) worked as the K-9 instructor until 2010.

When Robby retired, Van Leeuwen´s Rocky was following his trail (see page of Rocky). Now the honors are taken by Van Leeuwen´s Spike (Rocky-son). He is the third generation of working policedog from our bloodline.

Van Leeuwen`s Taran  earned his KNPV certificate with honors and competed several times in the Dutch championships for working policedogs.

Rocky also spread the characteristics, which we mentioned before, by breeding females out of different bloodlines. For example: Tommy of Rob Luijken (a frequently used stud, which also inherits the characteristics), Robbie of Paul van Eerden and Sam of Albert Das, etc. The last two have competed in the National KNPV championships.

Van Leeuwen`s Nika is linebred on Van Leeuwen´s Robbie. Robbie is the grandfather of Nika at both parents. Therefore temperament, dominant behavior and toughness  are very extreme on this female. She has passed on this caracteristics on her offspring, for example Van Leeuwen's Spike, Van Leeuwen´s Benta and Van Leeuwen´s Ebro.

Van Leeuwen's Spike and Benta are line/inbred on Robbie and Rocky with as goal to preserve the genetics as strong as possible. Their mother is Van Leeuwen's Nika, their father Van Leeuwen's Rocky. Van Leeuwen's Robbie is their grandfather in 3 ways.

Our goal in breeding is to breed more Dutch Shepherds of this kind to be trained in Holland and in the rest of the world as a working police dog, or in other venues of sport and working goals.

Dick & Selena van Leeuwen


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